What Our Customers Say


Browsee has been a game changer for our E learning product, it has allowed us to continuously improve our product quality using recorded session replays, you can do user segmentation, track product journeys and much more with this, highly recommended for product analytics

Subhajeet Dey - Tech Manager, Careers360


Now I can improve conversions and scale the unmoderated usability testing for beta versions. AI-Based Session Tags, segmenting your sessions based on queries, no Code Integration needed, Notifications on Errors these are amazing features to have from one platform!

Abdelrahman A. - UX Researcher


I've been testing this in nocodery and this is how it has affected the DAU. Here is what you do. Record user sessions, Watch the user sessions with bugs or rage clicks, Improve that page and Repeat!

Goncalo - Founder, No Codery


Browsee's segments gave us our real engagement metrics. With funnels and feedbacks, we improved on our conversions.

Prateek Kumar - CPO, Careers360


Browsee allows me to track all our stores and our main website and capture actual user experiences which allow us to quickly identify issues that customers might have trying to checkout. We were able to quickly resolve a users checkout problem by replaying his session, saving us the sale!

Shahbaz Khawaja - Web Development Specialist, Valencia Theater Seating

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Make Your Life Easier With Browsee's Integrations and gets Data to Multiple Platforms!


Get Answers to User Behavior Queries

  • Impact of new features
  • Why are users abandoning payment or carts?
  • What issues are users facing and how to reproduce them?

Session Replays with AI Tags

  • Save Time with Pinpointed Sessions to Watch
  • Discover User Experience Issues or Reproduce Bugs before Users report them
  • Identify by User ID to stay on top of all your user's Experience

Continous Heatmaps

  • Know Where Users Click and Which Parts Catch their Attention
  • Compare Between Page Changes.
  • Optimize CTAs

Chrome Extension - Ease of Use

  • No need to search, just browse and learn more about your users.
  • Select Any Page Element for its Sessions and Analytics. No need to setup any events.
  • Go Directly to the Page for its Analytics and Sessions

Browsee Respects User Privacy

  • Do Not Track

    Users can easily opt out of any tracking with do not track (DNT) settings in their Browser.

  • Sensitive Input

    As a default, Browsee does not record any sensitive input fields like passwords, emails or numbers.

  • What to Record - Pick & Choose

    We have a flexible system for you to choose amongst which fields to record or not to record.

  • Block a Page

    You can choose to completely block any textual data on a page so you can reprdoce just the user experience with completely anonymized recordings.