Browsee's Features List

Session Replays

Record and Replay

Understand what users love and what problems they face.

AI-Based Session Tags

Our AI-based tagging will help you watch sessions that matter.

Chrome Extension

Ease of Use

No need to search, just browse and learn more about your users.

No-Code Event Analytics

Select Any Page Element for its Sessions and Analytics. No need to setup any events.


Extensive Filters

Create Circles by segmenting your sessions based on queries.

Daily Circle Reports

Save the segments and get daily numbers inboxed.


Click & Scroll Maps

Know where users are clicking and up to which point they are scrolling.

Attention Maps

Know where users are paying attention on a Page.


Error Reporting

Error Alerts

Get Email, Slack or Chrome Notifications on Errors.

Daily Error Summary

Prioritize your bug fixes with data.


Dropped Sessions

Track the steps to goal and analyze dropped sessions at each step.

Daily Funnel Reports

We will inbox your funnel analytics.

User Board

Identify Users

You can identify your users with Name, Email or User ID to better understand their usage.

Tag Users

You can tag them generically like "Paid". "Trial", "SignedUp" etc to analyze the behavior for a specific type of users.

Simple Settings

Add JS Code

Simply add JS Code with GTM, WP or add to pages.

One Click Integrations

Integrate with 3rd party tools like GA, Intercom, Twak in just a click.